"A Stabbing on the Square"

"Ballad of the Lost Phone Number (Where, O Where, Are You Tonight, Fair Lady?)"

"Hold Down the Protestant (So I That I May Beat Him)"

"How Did You Let The Potato Crop Die, You Dumb Son of a Bitch?"

"I Will Stab You in the Eye If You Touch My Wife Again, O'Malley"

"Don't Judge Me, Maggie. Don't Fucking Judge Me."
People who insist on telling you that the least appealing part of any food, be it an animal or vegetable, is the "best" (i.e. most healthy) part.

E.G. "You didn't eat your broccoli stalks? You should. There are more vitamins and minerals in the stalks than the florets. I never eat the florets. I give them to the homeless. I make a delicious broccoli stalk au gratin. And it's completely vegan because I use cheese made entirely from cotton."