Fall 2008
Instructor: Nord
Length: 300 words each
Due: Tuesday, October 7

1. Imagine that there is no such thing as a garbage can. You must carry all your refuse in a bag, that can only be emptied once a week down at the town hall. What would that be like? Weird, I bet.

2. A man with an eye patch and hook for a hand sits down at the bar next to you. He has an amazing story to tell. What is that story? (NOTE: He cannot be a pirate.)

3. You wake up in a room that contains a bed, a table and a chair. A bare light bulb swings from the ceiling. You hear someone in the hall speaking Spanish. Or is it Arabic? The door is locked. Use this as the basis for a romantic scene.

4. A car just hit your dog, ol' whatsitsname. And you're the driver! Irony!

5. Same scenario, except with your mother.

6. You've just been elected president -- of Mars!

7. Your eyes are in your feet, but nothing else is different. How would this affect, among other things, the shoe industry?

8. Every Sunday, you shop for the week at Whole Foods. You have become quite flirty with the girl who works the cheese counter, despite your substantial age difference. What would you say to convince her to go out with you?

9. That whore of a wife of yours is having an affair with the head of the English department a guy she works with some trash she picked up at TGI Fridays. Plot the perfect murder.

10. Aw, fuck it.